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Software Maintenance and Support Services

Software Maintenance and Support Services of the highest caliber

We offer top-tier software maintenance services so you can focus on your critical business operations. Our highly skilled software professionals have over twenty years of industry experience, a wide range of skills, and a passion for work. 

Get efficient long-term maintenance and real-time support services for all your software needs.

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Services We Provide for

Software Maintenance and Support

Our software maintenance and support services are designed to handle software proactively to guarantee that it is free of bugs when it is deployed. We adhere to the best software maintenance and support practices to make your software reliable and secure. Our software support and maintenance services consist of the following:

Services for

Maintaining IOS Apps

Are your iOS apps active, updated, and error-free? With our iOS app maintenance services, you can stay competitive and increase your enterprise revenue by finding and fixing bugs in your apps and ensuring they're user-friendly.


Application Support Services

With our custom services, you can improve internal and external collaboration by regularly monitoring your applications and receiving prompt support. We assist you in resolving technical issues and guarantee effective communication.

Application Support and

Maintenance Services

With the help of our application maintenance and support services, you can increase, alter, or supplement the functionalities of your applications. We assist you in advancing automation, streamlining business operations, identifying risks, and investigating cutting-edge solutions.


Upkeep Services

Maintaining your website requires regular updates, backups, speed tests, security checks, and other maintenance procedures. Utilize our knowledge to improve the functionality of your website.


IT Support Services

Our remote IT support services allow you to access technical assistance to resolve mission-critical problems quickly. We are prepared to serve you readily thanks to our international team of skilled resources.

Services for

Maintaining Android Apps

Get ongoing support for all your Android applications and on-demand maintenance. Regular maintenance and monitoring are crucial to ensure that your apps are responsive, compliant, and secure.

Services for WordPress

Support and Upkeep

With our custom services, you can keep up with updates, speed up your website, perform security audits, and handle emergency support tasks. Improve user experience and make your website user-friendly.



With our SAP support services, we can help you achieve your goals, whether they involve fostering innovation or improving value realization.


Consulting Services

Our turnkey IT consulting services will help you get the most out of your IT investments. Get the consulting support you need to evaluate various technology strategies and develop a plan that aligns with your company's objectives.


Support Services

With the help of our technical IT support services, you can identify and reduce hardware and software risks, troubleshoot technical problems, and fix network problems. We assist you in smoothly installing and configuring hardware and software.

Our Method for

Software Support and Maintenance

To guarantee that you receive prompt, dependable, and ongoing support, we employ a multi-step process. The following are the steps in our outsourced software support and maintenance services:

Software Testing

We evaluate the maintenance protocol’s dependability after the implementation. If required, we offer ongoing preventive maintenance assistance.

Program Evaluation

We decode project objectives by examining enterprise applications and knowledge sharing to interpret the program’s complexity.

Release and Reporting

After receiving your approval, our team compiles the actions and responses into a report for record-keeping and future reference.

Analysis of Requirements

To determine the maintenance goals, we carefully examine the procedures used by your developers.

Maintenance Plan Proposal

We create a custom maintenance strategy and proposals, which are then presented to you for approval.

Analysis of Infrastructure Stability

To determine the likelihood of a ripple effect, we assess the stability and expandability of your infrastructure.

Why is Site Solace the Preferred Software Maintenance Company?

To ensure their applications are up and running smoothly, companies worldwide use our software maintenance and support services. This enables them to increase operational effectiveness and outperform the competition. The following are some main arguments favoring us as your software maintenance and support provider.

Maintenance Company

Stay updated on bug fixes and trends

Our Software Maintenance and Support Services help protect the software from the issues. You must update your software often to ensure stability and stay abreast of the most recent technological developments in the market. Software Maintenance and Support Services can help you stay up-to-date on technological advancements and benefit your organization.

Most of the time, Software Maintenance and Support Services omit updates and decline to provide customers with the required level of assistance. However, at Site Solace, our commitment extends beyond software deployment. We guarantee meticulous maintenance and support services, promptly addressing any errors that may arise.

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